It’s not just a home, it’s a lifestyle!

Our fully managed services are all available through our Project Manager Sherri who simplifies the process of building your dream home. She takes the guesswork out of the architecture, engineering, interior design, permitting, demolition and construction process.

Step 1


During this stage we meet with you to discuss expectations for your new home, think of this like an interview where we get to know your every need. We will meet with you to discuss your ideas and hopes for your new home including possibilities, size, style and preferred location. We like to meet either in the comfort of your own home or out for appetizers and a drink, this isn’t just a business relationship we like to think of it as a friendship!

Step 2

Designing Your Home

This is where we begin to shape all your dreams into your reality while managing every aspect of your build through to the final inspection. Sherri and Matt believe this is where the real fun begins. This is when you begin to pick the colours and components that are going to be incorporated into your new home! We take the guess work out of this process and provide our clients with a list to select finishing details like siding, windows, doors, plumbing fixtures, flooring, colours and more. Sherri will ensure that you choose the option that is right for you that works within your budget and plans. She will use every inch of your home as usable space, not just creating another cookie cutter home.

This list encompasses what comes standard in Precision Home Builds –

  • Custom carpentry, cabinetry, backsplashes, lighting, and staircases
  • Premium flooring and paint
  • Granite counters in kitchens and bathrooms
Step 3


During the Construction stage you can expect Precision Homes to:

  • Budget, schedule and map out key pieces for you to review and sign off on
  • Apply for building permits and manage the permitting process through to inspection
  • Have a continuous presence on your site to ensure quality is the end result from all sub-trades
  • Have regular, scheduled contact with you to ensure there are no surprises
  • Meet with local building inspectors to guarantee approvals are timely during critical stages throughout the build
  • Complete a final walk through before we pass over the keys to your new home
Step 4

Final Inspection & Move In

Once you have signed off on the build to your complete and total satisfaction, we will then provide you with all the information defining the components and systems that make up your new Precision Home. This will include maintenance information, key contacts, and warranties on the various installations throughout your home. We will also help you manage all the documentation so you ensure you’re on schedule with routine house maintenance – all of which contributes to the endurance of your new home! We will be there for years to come; do not hesitate to contact us if there are any questions or concerns!